Our Services

Your smile is our goal

Our patients are our first priority and we aim for a high quality painless experience. The team at Rye Family Dental Care are truly professional in all aspects of their work and are held in high regards by our patients. Our aim is to provide the very best of dental care in a comfortable and happy environment.

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At Rye Family Dental Care, we treat general dental issues including signs of tooth decay, fillings that have been damaged, chipped or loose teeth as well as gum (periodontal) disease. 

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From simple, safe tooth whitening to complex work on your smile using invisible braces, at Rye Family Dental Care we take pride in both the science and art of cosmetic dentistry.

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Prevention is really the key to optimum oral health. Regular dental visits ensure you avoid any nasty surprises and allow us to treat any potential problems quickly and efficiently.

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Major dental

Major dental procedures at Rye Family Dental Care include the removal of wisdom teeth, orthodontics/braces, extractions, dentures, crowns and bridges.